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Saving your business energy, it’s what we do.
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Increase your bottom line with our comprehensive energy-saving solutions.
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Energy-saving upgrades to meet your cost reduction goals.
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Lighting & Controls

Save money by switching to Light Emitting Diode (LED) and other energy-saving light fixtures, and installing smart controls.


HVAC & Mechanical System Retrofit

Lower your energy costs with essential HVAC maintenance and replacement of outdated or inefficient systems to maximize energy savings.


Building Management Systems

Add significant operating costs savings by properly running a Building Management Systems (BMS). Use software to ensure comfort and safety by monitoring conditions.


Comprehensive Energy Projects

Once RLE establishes a plan, based on our no-cost building energy audit, we will begin comprehensive energy upgrade projects to fit your needs using the latest technologies.


Smart Buildings

Control your building and energy consumption with automated processes and equipment to ensure you are cutting out unnecessary energy usage and costs.

EV Charging Station Opportunities

We offer Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, so your business can meet your employees' and clients' needs.


Cash Positive Financing

Investing in energy efficiency is a win-win. Our knowledge in local utility programs will ensure you will qualify to receive the highest rebates and other incentives for your energy efficient upgrades.

Resource Lighting and Energy, Inc. is an energy efficiency solution company which comprehensively treats a facility by combining energy upgrades instead of focusing on one upgrade at a time, tailoring projects for your business to provide deep energy savings and to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

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